Auto-Piloting Drone that can follow me?

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    Hi, I have never owned a drone, nor do I have any knowledge, but I'm thinking if getting one, but not a crazy expensive one as I already have enough expensive hobbies as it is.

    I'm looking to tie two hobbies/passion together; sportbike riding & a drone. I'm wanting to know if there is a self piloting drone available that can follow me on my sportbike to capture 4k video of me riding through twisties. I'm sure I'd have to get a racing style drone to keep up with my pace.. Would use it for when I'm off-roading in my lifted Titan Pro-4X.

    Is this available? I believe there are drones available that you can plot out a pre-defined course, but I need the camera to be fixated on me. If there is such technology available, what are the typical radio range & flight time/distance?

    Lastly, this isn't drone related, but I know this is a perfect place to ask, but I'm looking for a 3-axis Gimbal that can be mounted to my bike. Most that I've found are handheld or are designed to be mounted upside down on a drone, which I would have on my droneas well along with a the overly expensive GoPro Fusion, if not my small & light Session 4 I won in Austin, TX at the MotoGP & MotoAmerica superbike races at COTA.

    Picture of my Titan was taken before my 8" Lift, Bilstein Off-Road Supension, even bigger tires, light bars, etc...


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