Controller keeps jumping from ready togo (Green) to to much electromagnetic interference at sticks

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    Hi fellow drone pilots:)
    ok I have a problem with my new Mavic pro I have been inputting all my settings via the go4 app and have starting to fly the drone very carefully;) but have come up with a problem. After going thru the startup procedure I don't get the green ready to fly message just a red message that says high electromagnetic interference this doesn't stop it from flying but have notice that when I hold the controller in the vertical position the message says in green ready to fly but as soon as I place the controller in the horizontal position it turns red message refers to electromagnetic interference. I have repeated this many times with the same result each time I do it the controller vibrates indicating some thing has changed. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated the drone is only 3wks old.One other thing it seemed to be ok until I updated the latest firmware ver cant find that info but the app ver is4.1.17.
    the controller readout goes from ready togo to Stick EMI 1


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