DJI Mavic Pro: a folding drone that redefines the category

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    There are all kinds of drones. There are cheap toy ones. There are compact ones with limited intelligence. And there the big nice ones that professionals use, like the DJI Phantom 4—with 4K video capture, 25-minute battery life, 3-mile range, object avoidance, stabilized video, tilting camera, optical sensors so they can fly indoors without GPS, and four-digit price tags.

    On October 15, DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, will release the Mavic Pro. In 140 characters or less, here it is: A $750 drone with all the same features as the $1,200 Phantom 4—but folds down to the size of a sub sandwich.

    (It’s $750 if you use your phone as a controller. A compact folding remote costs $250 more; read on.)

    The Mavic news is really stunning; no drone ever made offers so much in such a small package. It’s particularly worrisome news for the just-announced GoPro drone, called the Karma. The Karma is priced about the same, but can’t fly as far, as fast, or as long on a charge; doesn’t have obstacle avoidance; and—incredibly, for a sports drone—can’t follow you automatically as you ski or bike.

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