Mavic Pro water crash/NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Hello DJI Mavic Pro users,

    To make it short: I crashed my drone in a river. Not too deep but it stayed 30' minuts in the water because it was complicate to find a safe access to reach it. When I finally found my Mavic, it was still working and the lights were still blinking.
    I dryed it with an hair dryer during 45' and put it in a plastic bag with 1kg rice (sorry, I have not silicium with me)... After some hours, there is some condensation in the camera lens... Bad news?? or still some chances to save it??
    Does anyone has some advices in such situation??
    Does it happened already to someone, and if yes, dis you save your Mavic??

    If I am really lucky and if my Mavic fly again in the next days, should I send it to the DJI customer service for a reparation anyway??

    Thanks by advance for your help.

    Best regards

    And for those who want the full story:
    I am currently enjoying some rest days with my girlfriend in Madera, an Island in Protugal.
    Today was a nice day. A big sun, no wind and after one and half day enjoying the amazing view and perfect swimming pool of the hotel, I decided to let my gf for some hours running in mountains to shoot some waterfalls with my Mavic Pro.

    I found the perfect place and take off from a bridge to shoot the river 15 m below me.
    What I wanted to shoot was to go back the waterway approximatively 3 meters above the river. Unfortunatly when I arrived at the good altitude it was impossible for me to rise my Mavic beyond than 3 meters!!! A Dji warning messsage appeared "maximum height reached. Wait for a new GPS signal before rising" even though the altitude shown on the remote (my Iphone) was - 10m (minus 10 meters).
    I triied everything but it was impossible for me to rise my drone again. I was so pissed off!

    I decided to land to fix new "Home point" and then take off again. I tried to find a dry and safe place to land. But as you can imagine, hard to estimate that 25 meters higher....
    I chosed it dry but not safe enough and when the drone lands, it lands really close from a small plant.

    I also try to check if it was possible for me to reach it but it was really risky because the cliffs on each side of the river were really slippery.
    Knowing that it ll be complicated, I decided to take off anyway and what should happen, happened: A propeler touched the tree and broke. I lost the control of the Mavic and it finneshed his flight in the water, 15 meters below myself without (almost) any access to get it back.

    After 30 minuts, fighting with a wild nature between brambles, cold water (I had to swim) and climbing with my wet shoes slippery rocks with moss I finally get it back in the water. I was really surprised to see that the drone was still working and the lights blinking.
    I run back to my car as fast as I could, pull out the battery and the SD card. Once arrived at the hotel, I made the process I describe on the first lines...
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    Apr 26, 2017
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    I wish you can save your mavic
  3. xnsheryl

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    Oct 2, 2017
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    it's good to have insurance on it so u can get a replacement

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  4. Chrismatthewssr

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    Good luck, but water is not good for all those parts

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