will occusync cut through?

Discussion in 'DJI Mavic Tech Support' started by magicaxeman, Oct 10, 2016.

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    I have an unusual situation in that I am severely disabled and bed bound 24/7.
    This has left me staring at the same 4 walls for the last 8 years and I'm looking to technology to free me and expand my horizons.

    I currently have a bebop drone which allows me to fly both around the house and in my front garden from my bed, utilising the onboard camera to fly in an FPV manner but the wifi drops out badly when I try it in the back garden, in fact I just tested the camera out there and when the picture broke up decided not to fly there for safety's sake.
    I've also tested my regular blade nano CPS out there from the bed indoors and the 2.4ghz signal from my DX8 works fine and I have full control of the heli out there.

    The main problem I think is that the signal has to cut through 2 thick brick walls to get to the back garden and regular wifi just isn't up to the task.

    I've seen a lot of video's of the Mavic, it ticks all the right boxes for me being small, portable and light with plenty of scope to open up my world but my main concern is whether or not the control and video signals would cut through to the back garden and I'd rather not ask my family to find £1000 only to find it wont work.

    Max range would be around 30-40 metres, low altitude flight up to 5m max (slow & low)

    I would also be hoping to train up one of my carers so I could program flights and get them to take it to the sites and fly those programmed flights for me so I could revisit the places I used to go out in the countryside before my accident (don't take up mountain biking at 40 and if you must, don't argue with tree's it hurts!)

    Many thanks

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    Dec 8, 2017
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    Very inspiring story! I don't (yet) have sufficient experience with the Mavic to make a call about whether or not it will meet your needs. It SEEMS to have the capability, but I'd say the GPS and RTH functions would be dubious working under a roof. I'm thinkin' a Mavic might be overkill in some areas, just right in others. Clearly you're studied up on FPV and there are plenty of drones for such use, But if obstacle avoidance is a must, your choices drop-off in inverse proportion to cost, which goes nuts. If you want something to go from bedside to the meadow and back....well...you'll be one great pilot to get that done. The one thing a Mavic WILL deliver is enough time and range to get down the block. That's something. Getting back in one piece will depend on something more than just RTH. Keep us apprized of your progress!

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